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"Our literature explains that NA is open to anyone... Members write about finding love and acceptance in the program, and within themselves, even when they least expected it." Basic Text, page 229


NA literature is written by NA members, for NA members. Literature is an indispensable tool used by members who are seeking guidance in their recovery, or who wish to spread the NA message.

There are many books, booklets, and informational pamphlets (IPs) that have been written by members over the years. Most Home Groups have free IPs available, and NA books for sale at cost. To get your hands on some hard copies of NA literature, simply attend an NA meeting!


You can also explore this page to learn more about the literature that NA has to offer. Click any of the links below to download free printable PDFs of NA literature.


*Please Note- This page does not represent a complete complete collection of all the NA literature that is available. You can find more literature by visiting: 

Informational Pamplets
Informational Pamphlets
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