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Area Service is in need of support as many positions are currently or will soon be vacant.

SWACNA XIV Has Been Rescheduled

Further information regarding the postponement of SWACNA XIV is now available. In a effort to maintain transparency, the SWACNA XIV subcommittee would like to share the following information with the NA fellowship:

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SWACNA XIV was originally rescheduled for June 26-28, 2020. We have been informed that we are unable to hold the convention at this time.

  • There will be a new date forthcoming once the SWACNA XIV subcommittee and The Chase Center establish a new contract

  • Existing registrations will be applied, honored, and transferred

  • Additional information and an FAQ will be provided within the next few weeks as further information becomes available

The Chase Center's staff has been very professional and has continually engaged in a healthy and productive dialogue with us. As we continue to follow along with this unprecedented process, a lot of uncertainty remains due to the prevailing conditions. We have continued to be patient and we encourage our fellow NA members to continue to do the same. We are committed to moving ahead as quickly as possible once the situation allows us to do so.


We plan to establish an FAQ as soon as we have enough information to do so. Our hope is that this will enable us to address difficult questions efficiently. We are currently working with a very small group of volunteers, many of whom have had their personal and professional lives impacted by the pandemic. In spite of the fact that our subcommittee members are continuing to adjust to the major changes that this pandemic has inflicted on each of our individual lives, we remain collectively committed to the success of our convention. We are enthusiastic about continuing to our devote time to ensure that SWACNA XIV is our best convention yet.